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One of the most common trends that have caught on is the ability to have a custom cabinet installed. When you look at any kitchen remodel Long Island NY has seen recently, you will notice a lot of them have a custom cabinet of some kind, specifically built to match the interior of the homes, and the color schemes that the owners want. Gone are those mass production days where every second house had the same kind of kitchen cabinets. There are also semi-custom cabinets available, which means that even though the cabinets have been pre-designed, there are so many colors and designs to choose from, it is almost as if each house has its own custom cabinet.

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When remodeling your home, one room that you always give immense thought to is the room which is the most trafficked in your house. More often than not, it is your kitchen.

Most kitchen remodel Long Island NY contracts are seeing a much simpler color scheme when it comes to cabinets. Users are opting for white gray and more of such neutral colors. This is because such earthy color schemes work well with a lot of other design elements as well.

These colors, while providing a warming sense through the cabinets, give you more freedom to opt for bold colors elsewhere. This just provides a seamless blend of colors throughout the house without making it too gaudy.

. A kitchen is the heart of the home and it is vital to stay on top of the trends surrounding the most important part of your home to keep your home’s value and appeal at the top. The cabinets of kitchens have not changed in trend as much as other parts, like the countertops, contrary to what a lot of remodeling kitchen contractors in Nassau County NY usually say.

Another trend that new homeowners are now going for is the clean line, and subtle design cabinet style for their kitchen. Having such a design gives the kitchen a modern look and allows for flexibility in design when looked at in the long term. These styles of cabinets look beautiful in the black and white color scheme and offer a clean transition between rustic and modern kitchen designs. These are also much simpler to design and if need be, can be easily replaced due to the lack of complicated custom designs.

A lot of remodeling kitchen contractors in Nassau County NY now face the issue of integrating functionality in every part of the kitchen with their cabinets. With space becoming more of a luxury nowadays, it is becoming more common to make the best use of any and every space available. Luckily, since this is becoming a bigger trend, a lot of creative kitchen designers are trying to come up with new designs, adding the most functionality in the smallest of spaces!

A lot of kitchens are now seeing the onset of shaker style kitchen cabinets, which could easily be mistaken for just a square design on the cabinets. However, when combined with a good quality wood, it speaks for itself. Most luxury apartments are opting for such a design, combined with a white painted wood, which accentuates the look of your kitchen when combined with stainless steel appliances.

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