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Commercial kitchens are regularly inspected and licensed, sometimes even seeing surprise inspections by health inspectors as well. Which is why, at the design stage itself, when you’re looking for Long Island kitchen remodeling contractors, you need to make sure they work with the local health department. The health inspector can review your designs to make sure you’re already meeting the dishwashing and refrigeration equipment requirements. According to certain cottage kitchen laws that exist in some areas, it is also possible to get your home kitchen licensed as a commercial kitchen, however, your home kitchen will also need to match those requirements, and you will still have to pay the licensing fees and have regular inspections done.

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It is always important to note that a commercial kitchen should without a doubt be designed while keeping food and production safety in mind. Any new commercial kitchen design Long Island NY has will keep in mind the health and safety standards.

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Your commercial kitchen is required to get renewed annually, come what may, which is why it is always recommended to keep your kitchen clean and up to the standards. Depending on your type of food business, you might have to work with different health agencies.

For example, a retail food company ( like a local restaurant) will be licensed and inspected by the county health department, while a wholesale food company might have to work with a state or federal health department.

It is always a good idea to design your kitchen such that you can easily complete your work with as much efficiency as possible, no matter what location the kitchen will be at. It doesn’t even matter if you’re making a few cookies a week or providing food to all of the grocery stores in your area. Your commercial kitchen should always meet the health and safety standards for cleanliness as well as for safe food handling.

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It is important that when you set out to remodel your kitchen, you have a good look at some examples of kitchen design Long Island NY examples. This would help you get a general idea of the types of equipment you need to use for your commercial kitchen and could also help you set a budget for potential costs. Most of the food service equipment is made of stainless steel, which are very easy to clean and can be easily sanitized as well. Professional refrigeration equipment are specifically designed for the purpose of quickly cooling down the food to temperatures where food borne illnesses can no longer grow. Also, industrial level stove tops can sustain, and give out more heat than regular residential stoves because of the large quantity of food that is cooked on them.

The commercial dishwashing equipment should also be able to reach temperatures high enough to sanitize the dishes. Otherwise, you might require multiple sinks to manually perform the dishwashing tasks. You could still use residential equipment designed for industrial capacity as long as they meet the requirements set by the food safety standards.

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Although the standards are mostly concerned about the safety of foods, it is also important that you plan your workflow efficiently so you don’t lose a lot of time obtaining food from the refrigerator just because it is placed further away from the stove due to improper planning.

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